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Anonymous: Liar 


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Alkaline Trio | Trouble Breathing

You told me that you want to die
I said I’ve been there myself more than a few times

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I feel bad for anyone who had to deal with me any time before last October. I was seriously the worst when it came to expressing myself/talking about my feelings. How and why some people didn’t punch me in the face, I don’t know but I sure as hell appreciate them a lot more for putting up with me.

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Sentenced myself with the selfish things I say, promises I break, and the way I refuse to let anyone in.
Please let me make my amends.
I’ll do Anything.

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Anonymous: Are you in love? Have you ever been? 

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Song of the Day

Armed With A Mind | Have Heart

Loving what you see, but you fear what you think 
Because of your mind and your body
There’s a missing fucking link
That leaves you vulnerable, susceptible to pain
You’re a garden of potential submerged in the rain

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Anonymous: I wish you'd stop running away from your problems and run to me instead.